Published Works

The Juror

The US has fallen, and in its place lay The Divided Territories of America, where law and government are memories of the past. DC has not been accessible since 2095. All that remains now are territories, each with their own set of rules, cultures, and secrets. Some secrets are darker than others, but they all cannot be forgotten. If you wish to come here, don’t travel between territories alone. There is no protection in no man’s land. Remember, keep your head down, and don’t ask questions. Don’t stray from the highways, and don’t travel at night. More importantly, keeping and discovering secrets may get you killed. Welcome to Diterrica, proceed with caution. Click here to buy!

The Empathy Factory

After the death of his wife, Herman begins a downward spiral losing a grip on his happiness. As the bills pile and finances run out, desperation and depression sink in. Dreams haunt his nights, washed away in the morning by alcohol. Secretly he wishes he could wake up as a different person. How far would you go to change your own life? Or the life of other’s for that matter. Available on Amazon now! Click here to buy.