Month: June 2019

Which Ghost Hunting Camera is Best?

It’s a Personal Choice There is no “best” ghost hunting camera, in terms of the style of photography. The two most common forms used in the paranormal field are film and digital photography. There are digital cameras which companies have converted into full spectrum cameras, but I prefer not to use them. If I want full spectrum capabilities or night vision, I use a camcorder. If you are choosing which form of photography to use, this article discusses the pros and cons of film and digital photography. The Advantage of Film Photography Though it has become an outdated style of …

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How to Read Tarot At a Haunted Location

I’ve read tarot cards for over a decade ever since a friend’s aunt showed me her deck. Since then, I have collected decks and read for friends. A few years ago, I tried combining tarot and ghost hunting, and the results were fantastic. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The idea behind the experiment stemmed from my belief of how tarot works. I’ve always felt that shuffling a deck absorbs the energy of whomever you are reading. Since spirits are a form of energy, why couldn’t they transfer that energy into a tarot deck? The First Test The …

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The Reason Why I Started Ghost Hunting

Why I Started Ghost Hunting? While every ghost hunter has their reasons for why they hunt ghosts, almost all of the reasons root from the same origin; needing answers. Some may have an experience that left them puzzled and shaken. Others may question if there an afterlife, and if so, what it is? Some are naturally curious and gravitate towards the mystery of the field. And while there are of course those who see the field as their chance for fifteen minutes of fame, well, they don’t tend to stick around. At least not after those fifteen minutes are up. …

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