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Is it okay to provoke spirits?

Provoking spirits to cause them to make contact is something that unfortunately has become a common practice in the ghost hunting industry on television. When people see this happening, they think tha…
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The Importance of Knowing Your Equipment

While this is a relatively short article, it contains a tip that I feel everyone should keep in mind. Last week I was investigating with Lesley Marden, and the location was the home of a mutual friend…
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Storing Equipment

When you are looking for ways to store and transport your equipment, there are three major buying points to keep in mind; how much you are willing to spend, making sure that your tools stay safe, and …
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Why Do Spirits Stay On Earth?

Why do spirits stay on earth, when many religions tell of a “heaven” where everything is better than life on earth, containing more beauty than anyone can imagine. It is difficult to answer this q…
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